Infrared Product Development Boston MA

Infrared product development Boston MA  would like you to imagine a world like a hot air balloon – you can visualize heat as it travels up in all directions to the top of the balloon. You can see where it is hot and where it is dangerously hot. And because you can determine the temperature of the air in the balloon, you now know whether or not the balloon will rise and eventually take off.

That’s how thermal imaging works. All objects near room temperature emit infrared and that amount increases with temperature. For example, warm objects stand out well against cooler one. Thermal imaging detects and produces images of that heat, and that allows one to see the variations in temperature. With this, companies can learn a lot about the product they are testing or researching and how it works.

Reliability and testing are two very important factors in research and development. Infrared product development, particularly thermal imaging research development, allows engineers and product developers to capture, record and evaluate the distribution of heat on its variation in real time. Moreover, these experts can accurately observe and measure heat patterns, dissipation, heat leakage and other critical factors that may affect temperature of a particular product, process or equipment.

Thermal Imaging Research And Development

Infrared product development, particularly in thermal imaging research development uses infrared imaging science in a number of applications which include paper processing, micro-electronics, automotive, injection molding, plastics, consumer appliance design, target heat signature, telecommunications, research and development, mechanical testing and many more applications.

  • Process Improvement. Infrared product development Boston MA provides solutions to make your machines work much faster and increase your production and profit with a lot less waste. Thermal imaging can also help you fix problems during the manufacturing process, which in turn eliminates defective or incomplete product runs. This can reduce or eliminate waste and product returns from improperly produced products. You will also notice an increase in customer satisfaction and goodwill. 
  • Thermal Imaging for Target Signature. This is used to identify solutions to complex mechanical and engineering problems.
  • Product Evaluation and Testing. Product evaluation and nondestructive testing uses infrared product development to assess quality of production as seen below in this printed circuit board, PCB.

Printed Circuit Board

These are just a few of the ways thermal imaging and infrared services can help companies in their Product development stages and or research and development. Cost containment is maximized and profitability can be enhanced exponentially when you use the services of infrared product development Boston MA.