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Infrared New England offers high quality thermal imaging services for Commercial and Residential clients in addition to the Building Science and Research & Development Industry. For those in the building community we use infrared thermography in conjunction with our knowledge of Building Science to analyze heat loss, moisture intrusion and other building related issues. Our detailed reports can help you achieve energy conservation and sustainability goals for your home or commercial building.

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With over 37 years of experience and counting, Infrared New England is the right choice for you! Simply put, its the most complete and trusted thermal imaging company in the market. Our thermal imaging equipment and training offers the best in infrared imaging services at a competitive price. We do whatever it takes to help our clients meet their objective.

If scientific temperature data is necessary for your company’s Research and Development project, we can generate quantified precision heat analysis and trending data. If you are a professional in the Equine Science field, we use our high resolution thermal images to expose and monitor common disorders in horses. We also offer predictive maintenance programs for both electrical and mechanical equipment.

Thermal imaging produces no negative health or environmental effects. Infrared thermography is a non-destructive, non-contact, non-radiating technique. Due to tremendous advances over the last decade, infrared cameras are smaller and more capable of producing high-resolution images with high data output. Research shows that the cost-effectiveness of using thermal imaging is often dramatic.

Continually improve through ongoing training and keeping up with the latest technology to continue delivering the best services in the industry.
Excellent service first. It’s easier to explain price once than miss out on your objective from poor quality service.
We do whatever it takes to help our clients meet their objective.
From HERS Rating and moisture intrusion to building science and expert witness, we will deliver excellence on your project.

High Resolution Thermal Images

The detailed report you will receive is second to none. You will know exactly where the problem(s) are. Whether it’s related to electrical, mechanical, heat loss or moisture intrusion we will find the problem(s) and document them.

Amazing Tools And Building Science Experience

  • Over 30 years of building science experience
  • Flir cameras and lenses
  • Additional lenses for specific jobs
  • RetroTec hard panel blower door systems
  • RetroTec duct testing equipment
  • Level III Certified Thermographer
  • Expert Witness
  • Commercial & Residential Certified Experts

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We love our clients, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you use Infrared New England, you won’t ever have to worry about customer service!

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From HERS Rating to Commercial Roof Scans, we are your full service infrared services and thermal imaging company. Call us today at 508-728-1099 or click the link to request your FREE quote today.
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