About Infrared New England

Infrared New England is a Massachusetts based company providing a wide range of thermal imaging services for our commercial and residential clients. We offer extensive Building Science analysis using high resolution thermal equipment, blower door testing, and moisture verification. We specialize in high-speed thermal video data trending for any product development applications requiring heat analysis. Please take a moment to visit our services page to see the many other applications that we can offer you.

Thermography is best defined as both art and a science. Accurate thermal analysis requires a proper understanding of: heat transfer, surrounding conditions that can have an effect on infrared radiated energy, and equipment capabilities. We believe that education, experience, and equipment have become our trademark at Infrared New England.

Our level III certification in thermography provides our clients with the highest level of certification in the infrared industry. We also hold certifications in Building Science Analysis, Building Science Thermography, Massachusetts Construction Supervisor and Home Improvement Contractor licenses in addition to thirty-five years of hands on experience in building design and construction management. All of this translates into our ability to analyze and propose cost effective solutions for our customers.

We offer the highest (640×480) resolution with our Flir SC660 cameras. Our special camera features include wide angle and telephoto lenses, digital image association, panoramic view, high speed radiometric video streaming, and GPS tagging on all images. Infrared New England also offers quantified blower door analysis using our Retrotec Q5E commercial blower door system and our Duct Testing services are performed with a Retrotec Q32 Duc-Tester for measuring duct leakage in residential and commercial buildings.

As a current member of the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Infrared New England has provided heat loss analysis, moisture analysis, and expert witness services for local and regional architectural firms, law offices, construction and property management companies.

Certifications and Training

Certifications show an ongoing commitment to the industry. The commitment that we make at Infrared New England gives you total peace of mind when it comes to all our professional services. It’s no wonder more contractors contact us for all their thermal imaging and building science needs.

  • Construction Supervisor License #10396
    (Commonwealth of MA)
  • Home Improvement Contractor License #110247
    (Commonwealth of MA)
  • Certified Level III Thermographer Certification #7668
    (Infraspection Institute)
  • Certified Building Science Thermographer #20763
    (Infrared Training Center)
  • Certified Building Analyst Certification #07242
    (Building Performance Institute)

Positions Held

  • Gerald T. Brady, Certified Level III Thermographer, Owner of Infrared New England
  • Gerald T. Brady, Custom Building and Remodeling 1976—Present
  • General Contractor Specializing in Custom Building and Remodeling


  • Flir SC66O Imaging Radiometer
  • Retrotec Q5E Hard Panel Blower Door