Blower Door Testing: How A Blower Door Test Works

Blower Door Test

Blower Door Tests work in a very simple manner. By creating pressure inside the building, called the building envelope, the blower door test equipment measures the pressure to see how much air leakage is occurring inside the building. This test helps homeowners and owners of commercial buildings save money on their heating and […]

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Infrared Product Development Boston MA

Infrared Product Development Boston MA

Infrared product development Boston MA  would like you to imagine a world like a hot air balloon – you can visualize heat as it travels up in all directions to the top of the balloon. You can see where it is hot and where it is dangerously hot. And because you […]

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Boston Thermal Imaging Services Seen On T.V.

Boston thermal imaging services company, Infrared New England, was interviewed by WCVB TV about the effects of reflective windows is having on vinyl siding.
Watch the video here.

As a Level III Thermographer, Gerald Brady was able to help identify the problem for this client accurately and quickly.

The proper equipment and training are as important as your […]

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Thermal Image Of A Hot Air Balloon

Have you ever wondered how hot the air is in a hot air balloon? Well here’s a picture of what we see.

Now take a look at the same balloon using infrared photography which creates a thermal image of the balloon.

Temperatures reaching over 300 degrees. Now that’s a lot of hot air.

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