Blower Door Services

Blower Door Test

Chapter 4 Section 401 – Mandatory Third Party Blower Door Testing for air sealing will now be required before occupancy permits are issued.

Effective July 1, 2010 New Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency State and Local Building Requirements.

Blower Door Test Equipment

A professional blower door test is performed with a hard panel door system. The test is performed on the entire living space is brought under a negative pressure of (- 50 Pa), an industry standard. To learn more about Blower Door Testing, visit our page link here for Blower Door Test.

Duct Testing

IECC 2009 section 403.2.2 states that duct tightness must be tested at post construction or rough-in. A report must be submitted to the building inspector to verify compliance of all duct systems in unconditioned space.

Duct Testing Equipment

To learn more about Duct Testing also known as Duct Blaster Testing, visit our page link here for Duct Testing.