Blower Door Test

Blower Door Tests work in a very simple manner. By creating pressure inside the building, called the building envelope, the blower door test equipment measures the pressure to see how much air leakage is occurring inside the building. This test helps homeowners and owners of commercial buildings save money on their heating and air conditioning bills.

Many states throughout the United States are making blower door testing mandatory prior to receiving an occupancy permit. In Massachusetts, Effective July 1, 2010 New Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency State and Local Building Requirements Chapter 4 Section 401 – Mandatory Third Party Blower Door Testing for air sealing will now be required before occupancy permits are issued.

So you want to apply for a building permit? Massachusetts residents will want to follow IECC 2009 section 402.4.2.1 and section 402.4.2.2 list the test option criteria for building envelope air tightness. When applying for a building permit, the applicant must identify, in writing, the test method to be used to comply with 2009 IECC. Upon inspection of the project, a blower door test report must be presented to the building inspector to verify compliance.