Equine Infrared Services

Infrared thermography is uniquely suited for the preventive maintenance and medical diagnosis of horses and other equines because the vast majority of injuries with horses occur in the lower legs where the skin is extremely close to all bone and joints. Infected hooves, cracked bones, damaged joints, and pulled tendons become warmer as the body delivers more blood to an injured area to promote healing. Likewise with the jaw area as related to tooth infection. Saddles rub directly on the skin creating friction and heat which can be mapped for saddle fit adjustment.

Equine thermography senses heat differences on the surface of the skin to within fractions of degrees and detects heat patterns that pinpoint problems before they become serious. In many cases, lameness issues have been detected weeks before an onset. Regular monitoring of horses in competition training can ascertain how a treated injury is healing.

At Infrared New England we can refer you to specialized EQUINE thermographers throughout the country that will work directly with veterinarians, farriers, saddle makers, and qualified horse owners to get and keep their horse client in peak condition.