Product Testing & Development

Infrared imaging has become an indispensable tool for many engineering disciplines and most notably for new products. Studying the heat generation and dissipation of a product in its early stages of development minimizes design iterations which dramatically reduce development costs. Products are also better designed and optimized improving their reliability, safety, and cost.

At Infrared New England we offer the entire “spectrum” of scientific infrared imaging. Our FLIR model SC660 camera is one of the most advanced thermal imaging instruments to date. These cameras provide the highest resolution images and data output available in the industry.

We can measure a steady temperature pattern as well as thermal evolution over time. We identify thermo mechanical properties caused by stress testing for break point and optimization analysis. We are capable of real time streaming video with full radiometric data and frame by frame images each with over 300K spreadsheet exportable temperature measurements to satisfy even the most serious number crunchers.

Here are some of the imaging qualifications we offer:

  • Highest Resolution Images – 640 x 480
  • JPEG Image Format w/ Full Radiometric Data
  • 307,000 Individual Temperature Measurement Pixels
  • Temperature Application Range: —40°C to 1500°C
  • Thermal Sensitivity: ≤ 45mK
  • Thermal/Digital Image Fusion
  • Streaming Video w/Full Radiometric Data/Trend Analysis

Call us to discuss your needs for keeping your R&D program on the “time to market” fast track.